Famous Bands from Portsmouth

Famous Bands from Portsmouth

Guitar Lessons Portsmouth inherits a love of the electric and acoustic guitar from a long tradition of classic, guitar-based rock bands. Portsmouth has played birthplace and host to a wide variety of great bands, some you will definitely have heard of, and some that you may not know, but you will certainly want to! The musicians who have come from Portsmouth over the years prove that the city is home to some serious musical pedigree, perhaps with Guitar Lessons Portsmouth you could discover some home-grown talent in yourself!

Roland Orzabal was born in Portsmouth, and went on to co-found one of the most successful New Wave bands of the 1980s, Tears for Fears. Himself a vocalist and guitarist, Roland was the principle songwriter for Tears for Fears and has won two coveted Ivor Novello awards for his work. His band's debut album went platinum and reached number one in the UK and, since then, the band has sold over 25 million albums worldwide. Guitar Lessons Portsmouth recommends the song 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World' to witness a smooth transition from classical-influenced acoustic guitarwork to funky electric guitar riffs, all packaged in just one of Orzabal's catchy songs. Roland Orzabal's songwriting extends not just into the synthpop of Tears for Fears, but into more pop and rock stylings later in his career, proving him to be a distinctly versatile instrumentalist.

Brian Howe was the lead singer of the band Bad Company, who are a hard-rock band originally formed in the 1970s, and after a hiatus, recruited Brian Howe as a replacement to sing for them. The band consisted of the cream of the English rock crop such as two former members of the band Free, and the bassist from King Crimson, and so Brian Howe had to be something special to contend with such a distinguished band. Howe was born in Portsmouth and joined a local band named Shy, his work with them and future bands brought him a greater and greater reputation around the UK until he was recruited with Bad Company. Before Howe joined, the group were a blues-oriented rock band, but Howe brought with him a more stadium-rock and pop sound. If you are a fan of Foreigner, Toto or even Queen, then Bad Company are essential listening as part of the British 1980s rock sound.

Roger Hodgson was similarly born in Portsmouth in 1950, and is the writer of classic songs such as 'Give a Little Bit' and 'Breakfast in America'. A singer, guitarist and keyboardist, Hodgson was the principle singer and songwriter for the progressive rock band Supertramp. Best known for his distinctive yet masterful singing voice, Hodgson's songwriting abilities shine through in Supertramp's albums from 1969 to 1983. Similar in sound to bands such as Genesis and Yes, Supertramp's progressive rock stylings make their compositions truly interesting and musically unorthodox. This makes them an interesting study for guitarists wishing to learn interesting new chords, or just for a fresh approach to songwriting, and with Guitar Lessons Portsmouth, you can do just this!

Spike Edney is for many the 'fifth-member' of Queen and also calls Portsmouth home! Having played multiple instruments for many bands, and serving as musical producer for countless others, Edney's best work comes as keyboardist and rhythm guitarist for Queen, providing backing for Brian May's blistering guitar solos on their tours since 1984. After Freddie Mercury's tragic death Edney took keyboard duties on all subsequent Queen tours, which, considering Mercury's abilities, is no mean feat. 

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