Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Recording and Rehearsal Studios

It is important for new guitarists and new bands to play cover songs, getting to know the structure of songs and how the greats managed to write those classic songs. However, at Guitar Lessons Portsmouth, we believe one of the greatest fruits of learning an instrument is being able to create your own music. If you feel like you have enough songs for that first EP then why not find out a little about places to record your music with the short guide from Guitar Lessons Portsmouth?

SDR Audio Productions is well worth checking out if you are interested in recording your first EP or indeed a full album. Located at 16B Gladys Avenue, PO2 9BE, the studio is run by the founding member of Enochian Theory Shaun Rayment who is well known locally for his all-around music ability - be it bass, audio production or mastering Shaun is your man. To find out more do check out their website. 

All Studios is a recording studio that intriguingly specialises in combining modern and vintage recording techniques. If you want to follow in the footsteps of Hendrix, Pink Floyd or Jack White, vintage and analogue recording is for you. Normally, such high-quality equipment such as analogue tape tracks and valve microphones are only available to the very elite, but for a full twelve-hour day the price is under £250 making it very competitive even with digital studios. Located on Central Road, Portchester, PO16 9AG, the studio boasts high-standard instruments and combined with the perfectionist approach of its main sound engineer, you are bound to leave All Studios with a recording to be proud of.

Old Blacksmiths is a studio in Portsmouth that also functions as rehearsal space in case you were just looking for an ideal environment to crank up to 11. The studio's facilities involve four different rooms, an array of instruments and experienced sound engineers. A previous client is the award-winning singer Frank Turner, whose string sections were in fact scored by one of the engineers who you could be working with. The website has a page where you can listen to the producer's work enabling you to try before you buy - but with prices at just £25 per hour or £200 per day, you are sure to be getting a reasonable price. As an essential bonus, free tea and coffee are provided for those intense recording sessions.

2020 Studios is a spacious and professional recording studio offering highly competitive rates. If you are looking for a polished sound, with top-of-the-line equipment, then be sure to give 2020 Studios a call. Perfect for the whole band, the principal studio room provides enough space for everyone and each room is specially treated for that important acoustics - it is attention to detail like this that us here at Guitar Lessons Portsmouth like to see. Rehearsal in Studio one can be yours from just £12 an hour, while if you want to record the price is just £160 for an 8-hour session. With 2020 Studios you can record your first EP at a competitive price, and if the local venues want to hear more, you can rent full PA systems from 2020 starting at just £80 per day.

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